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26.05.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Marketing Live AI Ads, Google Search Ranking Update, Topic Authority Ranking System & More

Google Marketing Live event had Google showcase more of how ads will work on the new Google Search Generative Experience. Google launched the new Search Generative Experience to some searchers last minute (not in this video, recorded before). Google showed us how AI would help advertisers build ads. Google Merchant Center Next is going. Google Product Studio, PMax AI features and more coming. We had an unconfirmed Google search ranking update on May 22 and May 23rd. Google spoke about topic authority ranking. Google mobile-first indexing is done. Google Search video content bug between May 4-17th. Google job search also had a weird indexing bug for a few days this week. Google tests “suggestions for your search.” Google added an edit code button to the rich results test. Google supports site names for subdomains on mobile. Crawl error issues with AMP URLs in Search Console. Google replaced the trusted store badge with a top-quality store badge. Google is testing 3D / AR images on desktop search. Google shows both the 3D and 360 labels. Google tests the services button first in the local results. Google Business Profiles is testing a carousel for business images. Check out the new Microsoft pubCenter Next. Google Bard has images. Bing Chat doubled its character limit. I am offline today.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - Google Ads In Search Generative Experience - What They Look Like:
2:34 - Google Search Generative Experience Live For Some Waitlisted Users :
2:35 - Google Ads Conversation Experience To Create New Ads & Automatically Created Assets :
3:38 - New Google Merchant Center Next To Replace Classic Merchant Center :
4:16 - Google Ads Generative AI Performance Max & New Google Product Studio :
5:03 - Google Search Algorithm Ranking Volatility May 22 & 23 - Not Confirmed :
5:44 - Google Search Topic Authority Ranking System (Not New) :
7:11 - Google Bulk Mobile-First Indexing Switch Batch Today (Last Batch Done) :
7:53 - Google Search Bug Resulted In Less Traffic To Video Content Between May 4-17 :
8:43 - Google Job Search Bug Won't Show Recent Job Postings :
9:32 - Google Search Interactive Suggestions For Your Search :
9:56 - Google Rich Results Test Tool Gains Brings Back Code Button :
10:16 - Google Site Names Now Supported On Subdomains On Mobile Devices :
10:44 - Unusual AMP Crawl Issues Reported In Google Search Console Starting May 12th :
11:06 - Google Trusted Store Badge Replaced With Top Quality Store Badge :
11:24 - Google 3D / AR Images On The Desktop Search Interface :
11:55 - Google Search Product Listings 3D & 360 Imagery Are Different :
12:32 - Google Tests Services Button First In Local & Map Search Results :
12:49 - Google Business Profiles Panel Tests Image Slider :
13:06 - Microsoft pubCenter (Next) Set Up & Configuration :
13:32 - Google Bard Gains Images With More Coming Soon :
13:44 - Bing Chat Doubles Character Chat Limit :
13:55 - Bing Search Is The Default Search Engine For ChatGPT :
14:12 - Conclusion

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