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27.12.2021 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Colt Sliva On Entities, Python For SEO & Winning Over Developers - Vlog #152

In part one, we spoke about how Colt Sliva became an SEO engineer and some topics around visualizing search graphs. In part two we spoke more about entities, python for SEO and winning over developers. He quickly brings up Freebase, a large collaborative knowledge base consisting of data composed mainly by its community members that Google acquired. You can look at the URLs in the Google knowledge panels or Google Trends results to see where the entity data is coming from, Colt explain. We spoke more about bikes, yippee.

Google’s API also gives you a confidence ratio of if the terms match what it thinks you mean. So maybe you can use that to see how confident Google is with your content and what it really means. He said there are some tools that leverage this now and wishes there were more but some are really solid he said.

We also spoke a bit about why Python is used so much in SEO. The purpose is to code things, in an easy way, to automate your SEO tasks. Sometimes tools can’t do what you want, so coding something yourself, with Python or any coding language, is sometimes the best method. We spoke a bit on how to get started with learning Python. We spoke about some examples of how to use it as well.

That brought us to the title change Google made, which he measured and we both agreed the SEO community went overboard on complaining about that change.

Colt then gave us some tips on how to win over developers to do SEO. It is not about socializing with them but more about showing them the benefit of what you want them to do on the SEO front. This is a topic that is important and we spoke about a few times on this vlog.

More next week but you can learn more about Colt Sliva @SignorColt.

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