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23.02.2024 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Helpful Content, Reddit Google Deal, Product Variant Schema, Google Ads, Bing & Search Volume

Google spoke more about the time it takes to recover from a helpful content update and then said it is up to you to decide ice what old content is helpful or not. Google said it wants to reward the best content no matter the site size. Meanwhile, Google will now pay Reddit $60 million annually for faster access to that content - I am not kidding. Google Search now supports new product variant structured data. Google said many of those using the Indexing API wrong are spammy and low-quality sites. Google has a but with negative search operators in shopping. Google’s Shop with AI seems live. Google Ad Strength formula to weight assets quantity and variety more with AI expansions. Google Merchant Center updated how it estimates delivery times. Google Merchant Center now requires images made with AI to be labeled as such. Google is pushing Google Ads ads in Gmail. Google Ads prohibits using famous people or companies to entice people to part ways with money or information. Google Ads API version 16 is out. Google Search is testing a new search bar design. Google Search is testing having forums in the search bar filters. Google is testing fading in the search result text. Bing Search has sub and expandable sitelinks. Bing is testing a next page and refresh page button for pagination. Google local packs tests showing pricing. Gartner predicts search volume will drop 25% by 2026, and only 20% of SEOs think search volume won’t change.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:59 - More From Google On Helpful Content Update Recovery Time :
2:48 - Google: You Decide What Old Content Is Helpful Or Not :
3:19 - Google: We Want To Reward The Best Content No Matter Site Size :
5:35 - No Joke: Google Is Paying Reddit For More Content, More Often :
6:35 - New Google Search Support For Product Variant Structured Data :
7:20 - Google: Sites Wrongfully Using The Google Indexing API Often Are Spammy & Low Quality :
7:50 - Bug With Google Shopping Exclude Search Operator :
8:10 - Google Search Shop With Google AI Live :
8:49 - Google Merchant Center Updates Estimated Delivery Times Calculation :
9:10 - Google Merchant Center Requires Meta Labels On AI Generated Images :
9:37 - Google Ad Strength For PMAX To Weigh Assets Quantity & Variety More As AI Expands :
10:24 - Google Pushing Google Ads Consults In Gmail Accounts Pop Ups :
10:44 - Google Ads To Prohibit Using Famous People Or Brands To Part With Money Or Information :
11:06 - Google Ads API Version 16 Now Available :
11:15 - Google Search Tests New Search Bar Design :
11:35 - Google Search Tests Forums In Search Bar Menu :
11:51 - Google Fading In Text Of Search Result Snippets On Scroll :
12:09 - Bing Search Sub-Sitelinks (Expandable Sitelinks) :
12:26 - Bing Tests Next Page & Refresh In Place Of Normal Pagination :
12:42 - Google Local Pack Tests Restaurant Price Ranges :
13:00 - Only 20% Of SEOs Think Search Volume Won't Change By 2026 :
13:43 - Conclusion

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