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16.05.2022 Ahrefs

The Role of Content in Link Building - 1.1. Link Building Course

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the role of content in link building.

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Content and link building are inseparable.

While many people get this in theory, they don’t often put this into practice. They start with creating an article and then trying to get some backlinks to it by sending tons of emails with the “shotgun” approach.

But link building is much more than just a numbers game! Your content should dictate your outreach pitches which will make them less “spammy.”

First, we need to understand why people link to pages. There’s no set list of reasons, but we’ve come up with the four most common explanations:

► to reference or support their point
► to reference something they don’t need or want to expand on
► to build credibility and social proof with visitors
► there’s a relationship, whether it’s explicit or implicit

In this video you’ll learn about these commonalities and the things you need to consider when reaching out for links.

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