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01.07.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google 6/27 Update, Communicating On Updates, Rich Results Guidelines Update, SEO, PPC, Local, News

We may have had another update, an unconfirmed Google Search algorithm update on June 27th and 28th. Google’s Danny Sullivan talked about how Google communicates about Google algorithm updates at the Google NYC SEO meetup. Google has updated the rich results guidelines to disallow marking up products that are widely prohibited or regulated, or that can facilitate serious harm to self or others. Google has clarified more on the 15MB Googlebot indexing limit. Google updated its crawl stats report help documentation. Google posted a video on SEO tips for e-commerce sites. Google explained how to inject canonical link tags using JavaScript. I had to post a reminder that Google no longer users the supplemental index, which was sad. Google added a pros and cons feature to the Google Search snippets. Google Top Stories now groups news stories by topics. Google is testing expandable local related courses. Google’s automobile knowledge panel marks hybrids and electric cars as green. Google Maps is testing a new local panel with tabs and images. Google is testing a new feature to find places through reviews. Bing is testing a “click to see full answer” feature and “from this page” feature which is featured snippets. Bing is also tested showing “use tab” in the autocomplete bar. Google is automatically selecting background colors for some image snippets. Google is also testing shading Google Shopping Adcs background colors and is also testing retail merchant brand sliders. And more...

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0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - Google Search Ranking Update Brewing Again June 27-28th :
1:37 - Google: We Are Communicating About More Algorithm Updates :
3:37 - New: Google Rich Results Not Allowed On Prohibited, Regulated Or Harmful Products :
4:26 - Google Clarifies 15MB Googlebot Limit - It Is A Huge Limit :
5:03 - Google Updates Crawl Stats Report Help Docs :
5:30 - Video: 8 Tips On E-Commerce SEO From Google :
6:20 - Google Explains How To Inject Canonical Tags Using JavaScript In Updated Doc :
6:49 - Reminder: The Google Supplemental Index Has Not Existed In Over A Decade :
7:26 - Google Adds Pros & Cons To Search Result Snippets :
7:48 - Google Top Stories Grouped In Topic Sections On Desktop :
8:10 - Google Tests Expandable Local Related Carousels Within Snippets :
8:33 - Google Auto Knowledge Panel Adds Green Font For Hybrid & Electric Vehicles :
8:51 - Google Maps Tests New Local Panel With Images At Top & Tabs For Reviews :
9:01 - Google Search Find Places Through Reviews :
9:14 - Bing Search Results Tests "Click To See Full Answer" :
9:44 - Bing Testing From This Page Featured Snippet On Steroids :
10:12 - Bing Autocomplete Tells Searches To Use Tab To Fill In :
10:31 - Google Auto-Selects Background Colors For Search Result Snippet Images :
10:40 - Google Shopping Ads Carousel With Shaded Backgrounds :
10:56 - Google Shopping Ads Tests Retail Brand Slider :
1109 - Google Shopping Search Discover Filter For Black, Women, Veteran & Latino Owned Businesses :
11:34 - Google To Pay Wikipedia For Content In Knowledge Panel & Search :
11:51 - Google NYC SEO Meetup 2022 (Video) :
12:10 - Conclusion

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