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13.12.2022 Google Search Central

Figuring out finicky 404s

In this episode of SEO Fairytales, Martin Splitt and Michael King, Founder of IPullRank, talk about a problem where Michael was uncovering why his client was experiencing a spike in soft 404s. Discover how a geo-specific inventory issue led to the soft 404s and how to avoid this in the future. Learn about leveraging log files, helpful tools, and ruling out potential causes like algorithm updates.

0:00 - Intro
0:47 - An increase in 404s
1:39 - Looking into Botify
2:32 - What changed
3:14 - Location, location, location?
4:04 - No inventory, no indexing
5:03 - Resolving the problem
5:39 - Cloaking or not cloaking
6:46 - A bad case of geolocation
7:48 - Recap
9:07 - Algorithm updates
10:10 - Leveraging log files
12:00 - Unused potential
13:04 - More resources
13:27 - Wrap up

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