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26.07.2021 rustybrick

Udit Mhatre On SEO in India vs United States & Consumer Experience On SEO - #130

Udit Mhatre is the Senior SEO Manager at DuMont Project, he started his SEO journey in India at Performics and has quickly grew his career in a short four years.

1:45 - Udit Mhatre, Senior SEO Manager at DuMont Project
2:38 - SEO In India vs SEO United States
7:30 - How Consumer Experience would be the Next SEO

We initially spoke about the differences between doing SEO in India versus the United States. He said that in India, there is a set protocol, set steps you take with your SEO tasks. In India they go through extension SEO training with book and pen, no computers, where they sit and learn SEO. He actually knows the Moz SEO guide inside and out, also the Google SEO beginner guide, then the blogs and then watch videos over and over again. 20% of their time is spent learning.

We then continued talking about his education and professional career. His US professional experience has all been remote based work. And at his job, he spends 20% of his time education and helping his co-workers.

How Consumer Experience would be the Next SEO

Udit explained a lot of metrics we should be concerned with go out the window with SEO. So he instead tried to optimize for user/consumer experience metrics, like bounce rates and user engagement metrics. He used Python and machine learning to show recommendations on a page and it reduced the bounce rate and he said it seemed to improve rankings in Google. This is despite Google saying bounce rate is not used in its ranking algorithm, nor is dwell time and so forth. Udit shared some methods and tools to help them improve these metrics. And he said taking this one step forward, optimizing for consumer experience will be an even bigger SEO win.

Udit does spent some time on RankBrain but I honestly I am not sure if he defined it correctly. Please keep that in mind. Google does not say what he says and he outright thinks Google is not being fully honest. To be honest, many SEOs feel like he does about this.

You can learn more about Udit Mhatre on LinkedIn.

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