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13.09.2023 Ahrefs

International SEO: Strategy to Boost Worldwide Traffic

In this video, you'll learn how to do international SEO and expand your online reach globally to new markets.

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This video will guide you through a comprehensive 5-step process, using an example of an e-commerce brand expanding into European markets.

First, you'll learn about the strategic structuring of your website's URLs to make them accessible to international audiences.

Next up, we'll explore how to find the right keywords and adapt your content for your chosen target countries. This step ensures that your content resonates with local audiences, leading to higher visibility and engagement.

We'll explore hreflang tags, which are essential for guiding search engines to deliver the right content to the right audience. Finally, we'll unveil the power of building local backlinks.

Watch this guide to learn how to drive international traffic to your website.


0:00 Intro
0:38 Decide on a URL structure
2:22 Do a keyword research
3:12 Localize your content
4:08 Set hreflang tags
5:29 Build backlinks

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