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30.12.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Ranking Fluctuations, Helpful Content & Link Spam Update Delayed, Links & Budget Cuts

This is the last video of the year, and we have more Google search ranking fluctuations and volatility to talk about. Google said the December 2022 helpful content and link spam updates are delayed in being completed because of the holidays. Christmas weekend was much calmer for the Google search results. Google said using “here” for anchor link text is bad. Google said you should not nofollow links to your social media profile. Google said links on YouTube wouldn’t help you with SEO. Google said having unique text, infographics, and video does not make your content good, accurate, or helpful. Google is fixing a bug with search not caching and serving signed exchanges. Google provided SEO advice around the LastPass security breach. Google is testing a price history chart in search. Google Ads will allow some cannabis ads in some regions. SEOs are not concerned with ChatGPT threatening their jobs. Some marketers are worried about SEO and PPC budgets being cut during the recession. John Mueller of Google was once again supporting SEOs during Christmas. And I posted the top contributors for the Search Engine Roundtable in 2022. Have a happy new year, all! And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 - Introduction
1:07 - New Google Search Algorithm Ranking Fluctuations On December 26th :
1:48 - Google Helpful Content Update & Link Spam Update Delayed Rollout Due To Holidays :
2:55 - Calmer Christmas Weekend For The Google Search Results :
3:29 - Google: Building Your Site On Bad Links Over Time Will Have A Lasting Effect :
4:17 - Google: "Here" Is Bad Link Text :
5:14 - Google: Do Not Nofollow Links To Your Own Social Media Profiles :
6:00 - Google: Links On YouTube Won't Help Your Google Rankings & SEO :
6:44 - Google:Unique Text, Infographics & Video Does Not Make Content Good, Accurate & Helpful :
7:22 - Google Fixing Bug With Search Not Caching & Serving SXG (Signed Exchange) :
8:02 - Google Provides SEO Advice Around LastPass Security Breach :
8:33 - Google Search Product Listings With Price History Graph :
8:53 - Google Ads To Allow Some Cannabidiol (CBD) & Hemp Ads In Some Regions :
9:23 - Most SEOs Aren't Concerned About ChatGPT Threatening The SEO Industry :
10:06 - Many Marketers Worried About SEO & PPC Budgets Being Cut In 2023 Due To Recession :
10:40 - John Mueller Of Google Providing Webmaster Support on Christmas Again (2022 Edition) :
11:21 - Top Contributors To The Search Engine Roundtable In 2022 :
12:23 - Conclusion

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