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16.08.2021 rustybrick

Brett Bodofsky On Third Party PPC Integrations - Vlog #133

In part one, Brett and I spoke about his passion for paid search and helping others in the industry. In part two with Brett Bodofsky, after the cops left the scene, we spoke about common themes of a third party PPC integration. He said you need to look for a company with a great support team, that is the number one thing he said. Also consider what are the capabilities of the platform, what are the price points and the build vs buy value.

Brett explained that it feels like we are losing control of our control of our keywords with the match types changes. He said there are platforms that let you stay within an ECPC, manual bidding, and then you can layer on top of that machine learning, like a portfolio bid strategy. Then it can make ECPC bidding based on your target ROAS. So by using automation layering, you are using these tools to help you make automated bidding with the tools and bypass Google’s some of bidding strategies. Brett loves gaining back control of his keyword bids in Google. During our talk, Google announced that Target CPA and Target ROAS will be bundled with the Maximize conversions and Maximize conversion value bid strategies. He then offered more considerations around these third party PPC integration.

You can learn more about Brett Bodofsky on Twitter and LinkedIn @BrettBodofsky.

0:22 - Third Party PPC Integrations
0:45 - Google Customer Service for PPC Tools
1:20 - Features vs Price of PPC Tools
1:40 - Time Savings Of PPC Tools
2:05 - Losing Control Over Our PPC Campaigns
2:17 - Paid Search Platforms Give Us Back More Control
4:38 - TROAS Into Maximize Conversion Value
5:58 - Common Themes With Paid Search Platforms
6:52 - Importance of Working With PPC Consultants

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