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06.08.2021 rustybrick

SEO News: Google Drops Safe Browsing Signal, Core Updates Impact Images & Local & Bing MEB AI

I start off this week with the big Google webmaster report for August, it is a good one. Google has decided not to use safe browsing as a ranking signal in the Google page experience update. Google is now saying that the page experience update is not just a tie breaker ranking factor. Google said core updates can impact local and image search, which is a bit of a turn from what Google said before. Microsoft Bing announced its latest AI, MEB, Make Every feature Binary that improves search relevancy. Google has officially removed the generic rich results type from the performance reports. Google added math solver structured data guidelines. Google said you may see a benefit in search when someone steals your images. Google said queries helps it determine what to showing the knowledge panel. SEOs are super split on using nofollow, sponsored or follow links. Google said if you have downtime, the pages should come back into search faster than they dropped out. Google Ads for a period of time showed the search term data it removed last September. Microsoft Advertising launchd target impression share bidding, Integral Ad Science (IAS) protection, new automated extensions, labels for account organization and changes to unified accounts. Google is testing a new discussions carousel in the search results. Bing is testing a new lets chat search feature. Bing has a “did you mean” box in search. Google Analytics is trying to bring us Discover data and News Showcase data but ran into a snag. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Sponsored by by Loud Interactive - a Chicago-based SEO firm led by Brent D. Payne.

0:00 - Introduction
0:59 - August 2021 Google Webmaster Report :
1:36 - Safe Browsing No Longer A Google Ranking Signal :
2:29 - Google Says Now The Page Experience Update Is More Than A Tie Breaker Ranking Factor :
3:06 - Google Core Updates Can Sometimes Impact Image Search & Local Search :
4:05 - Microsoft Bing Announces Make Every Feature Binary (MEB) :
4:58 - Google Removes The Rich Result Type From The Performance Reports :
5:33 - Google Adds New Guidelines To Math Solver Markup Help Documentation :
5:58 - Google: You May Get Some Ranking Benefit If Someone Steals Your Original Images :
6:25 - User Queries Help Google Determine What To Show In Knowledge Panels :
7:01 - Poll: SEOs Split On How They Will Nofollow Sponsored Links :
7:47 - Google: Coming Back In Search Is Faster Than Dropping Out In Search After Downtime :
8:28 - Google Ads Search Terms Report Stops Hiding All Searches :
9:26 - Microsoft Advertising Target Impression Share Bidding & More :
9:47 - Google Search Tests Discussions Carousel :
9:59 - Microsoft Bing Search Let's Chat Feature :
10:09 - Bing Did You Know Box In Search Results :
10:14 - Google Analytics Now Tracks Google News Showcase Discover Traffic :
10:51 - Conclusion

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