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17.06.2023 Neil Patel

The Profitable Power of Verification: Instagram's $660M Gain through Blue Checkmarks

In the world of social media, Instagram has emerged as a dominant force, connecting billions of users and providing a platform for content creators, influencers, and businesses to thrive. One of the lesser-known but highly profitable aspects of Instagram's success lies in its blue checkmarks. These coveted verification badges have not only elevated the status of individuals and brands but also contributed significantly to Instagram's revenue. This video delves into the business lessons behind Instagram's impressive $660 million earnings through the utilization of blue checkmarks.


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The blue checkmarks on Instagram serve as a symbol of authenticity and credibility. By verifying accounts of public figures, celebrities, and renowned brands, Instagram establishes a foundation of trust among its users. The lesson here is that trust and credibility are invaluable assets in the digital era, and businesses can leverage verification or similar mechanisms to enhance their brand image and attract a loyal customer base.

This monetization strategy taps into the influence and follower engagement of verified accounts, allowing businesses to effectively promote products, services, or partnerships. The key lesson is that businesses should explore creative ways to monetize their influence and engage with their audience to generate substantial revenue.

Verified accounts are seen as trusted and influential voices, making them attractive to businesses looking to collaborate and reach a wider audience. The lesson here is that businesses should invest in building a strong brand identity and work towards becoming a recognized authority in their respective industries to unlock valuable partnership opportunities.

In the competitive landscape of social media platforms, the blue checkmark verification sets Instagram apart and gives it a unique selling proposition. By offering a distinguishable feature, Instagram attracts users who value credibility and authenticity, ultimately contributing to its growth and financial success.

Instagram's remarkable achievement of earning $660 million through its blue checkmarks offers valuable business lessons. Building trust, monetizing influence, enhancing brand partnerships, leveraging exclusivity, and differentiating from competitors are key takeaways from this success story.

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