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26.01.2022 Google Search Central

Are SEOs and devs from different planets?

Join Martin and guest Jenn Mathews, SEO manager at Github, for an insightful conversation about problem-solving together as SEOs and web developers. They discuss what happens when SEOs don’t know the answer, the importance of test and learn, problem-solving together, becoming allies, and more!

0:00 - Introduction
1:41- Why are SEOs and devs not on the same wavelength?
4:10 - Test and learn
5:14 - I don't know, do you?
8:02 - SEOs are under scrutiny
10:46 - Priorities and impact
15:46 - What developers can do to help
21:25 - SEOs, become allies to your developers
26:10 - Learn how to communicate with developers
32:29 - Key takeaways
36:36 - Wrap up

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