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11.07.2023 Search Engine Journal

Podcast: How To Create A B2B Content Strategy For YouTube with Ali Schwanke - EP315

How To Create A B2B Content Strategy For YouTube with Ali Schwanke - EP315

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YouTube is a powerful platform for B2B marketers, but many organizations still need to start using it to its full potential. 

Ali Schwanke, founder at Simple Strat and Host of HubSpot Hacks, joined me on the SEJShow to share her top tips for creating a successful B2B YouTube strategy- including using YouTube's new features to make your videos more discoverable.

Gain insight into the rising importance of YouTube in B2B marketing, leveraging podcast features, differentiating strategies for marketers, the role of video in an AI era, and much more.


We run a channel called HubSpot Hacks over on YouTube, with about 18,000 subscribers. We just crossed over a million views earlier this year, and we're a small team of 10. –Ali Schwanke, 00:41

YouTube happens to be a place where there is very little competition for most B2B companies. So if we do help people on YouTube, it's because the barrier to entry is very high, and so the competition's low. –Ali Schwanke, 02:00

You can create videos so that they just earn a rabbit hole. So if I sent viewers a video every day, it'd take 30 days to get to know me. But if I create an experience for you and your journey that you consume 30 videos in four days because they're just so one after the other, yes, I've accelerated that relationship building, and that's what we're seeing. –Ali Schwanke, 14:18


[00:00] - Introduction to Ali Wanky.

[00:41] - Simple Strat’s role with "HubSpot Hacks."

[02:00] - YouTube as a strategy for B2B in low-competition platforms.

[03:56] - Misconceptions about video marketing.

[06:19] - The importance of informative content in B2B YouTube marketing.

[08:52] - The role of authenticity in learning.

[11:22] - Strategies for embedding YouTube videos versus using tools like Wistia.

[14:51] - Techniques for consistent video exposure.

[16:17] - The benefits of multi-platform promotion for video content.

[21:51] - The value of content length variations in viewer engagement.

[23:49] - Format and style considerations: vertical versus horizontal videos.

[26:07] - The potential of YouTube Shorts in content marketing.

[27:29] - The role of AI tools in video creation.

[32:17] - The necessity of engaging content in a crowded YouTube landscape.

[34:44] - Efficient content generation through webinar repurposing.

[35:19] - An overview of valuable resources on HubSpot Hacks.


Resources Mentioned:

HubSpot Hacks:

Simple Strat:


How I recommend people use AI is less about the editing and more about the strategy. –Ali Schwanke, 28:57

You have to get outside your box of “everybody's ready to buy today, and we're going top of the funnel.” We're saying, “how do I create interesting content?” So people just go, “you know what, that company is different. I kind of wanna pay attention to them because attention, time, and convenience are the currency that we all have today.” –Ali Schwanke, 32:17

If you're going to go onto YouTube as a B2B company with human personalities, you do need to have people that are comfortable on camera and know what it's gonna take from them to be on camera consistently. –Ali Schwanke, 34:05


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Connect With Ali Schwanke:

Ali Schwanke, the founder of Simple Strat, stands out in the realm of B2B content marketing with over 15 years of experience. A certified content marketer, HubSpot agency partner, and YouTube creator, she leverages her expertise to build data-driven strategies that fuel business growth.

Schwanke champions a customer-centric approach to marketing, viewing content as a powerful tool to address customers' needs and challenges. Her innovative methods offer businesses a roadmap to increase their influence and reach through strategic content marketing.

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