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05.09.2023 Search Engine Land

A guide to effective PPC projections

This approach to estimating PPC spend will help you align on KPIs, consider crucial variables, and communicate projections effectively. The post A guide to effective PPC projections appeared first on Search Engine Land. - “We want to hit {goal}. What should we expect to spend?” Whether in-house or at an agency, if you’ve been in PPC account management, odds are you’ve been asked some version of that question at least once.  And for some, there’s a tendency to want to spit out a ballpark figure with little context or calculation. For a few reasons, that approach could get you into trouble. This article will give you a better way to answer that question – and keep expectations in check at the same time. Learn: How to communicate your spend projections and next steps. How to align on KPIs for the projections. Variables to consider. References to employ. How to communicate your spend projections Before we get into the nitty-gritty, remember: this is an exercise in estimates, and whether you’re delivering your projections to a client or a leadership team in charge of budget, you need to convey that. Another good thing to remember is the possible range of motivators for the question itself. A CMO may report overall budget projections to a CFO or board of directors. A founder may include the estimate in a pitch deck for VC funding. A client point of contact may simply be assessing viability and options of a mandate handed down from management. For this reason, the best first step in building a projection is to ask who you deliver the projections for and how the inquiring party plans to use them.  The answer will tell you a lot about what you need to deliver – and if the question comes from outside the marketing team, benchmarks like CVR, CTR, and CPC might be too granular to reference when a higher-level outlook would have more of an impact. How to align on KPIs Often, there’s a straight line between understanding how the inquiring party will use the projections and deciding which KPI should be the focus.  Occasionally, a little digging will get you to a different way of answering the question. Suppose a client asks, “How much will it cost per month to rank in the top spot in Google?”  It might take a few follow-up questions to determine if they’re intent on: Outranking a competitor for a head term. Protecting their brand queries in perpetuity. Simply trying to increase brand awareness and/or impressions in general, not necessarily on Google alone. Ultimately, you may end up with the same goal KPI you started with, but often it takes some preliminary work to nail down the most accurate one.  In this example, the KPI could be anything from brand search impressions to website traffic to impression share of brand terms. Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. “> “> “> Processing…Please wait. SUBSCRIBE See terms. function getCookie(cname) { let name = cname + "="; let decodedCookie = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie); let ca = decodedCookie.split(';'); for(let i = 0; i

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